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Fanmade Touhou game with total free movement, using the mouse (LClick) to aim and shoot. When playing with Reimu (only character for now, Marisa will have other powers), you will be able, or more like will *have* to teleport to survive (Rclick).

A new story based on the existing Touhou cannon lore is being written, the topic: The Great Hakurei Barrier that Yukari created on year 1 of Gensokyo and some mysterious power is debilitating it.

Touhou Yūmei Kekkai is on hold and free; my artist literally abandoned me (the main programmer) and I have no more funds to continue it; the Corona virus has made things even worse so I'm sorry for those waiting for new releases.

Development log


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Hope you like the free movement + mouse aiming idea implemented in a Touhou game that I got back in October 2019. The game is far from completed, but the "engine" is 75% finished.

Thanks atTAMUSIC for let us use some of their soundtracks and at yummimaichi for their awesome work, both on Twitter.

Finally, thank you for giving it a try. Hopefully the game will become a novel in the Touhou series ;)